Peugeot 107

The nippy around town car with a fresh modern appearance, the Peugeot 107 has bags of style and has the performance to match.

The 107 has lively 1.0 petrol engine pushing out 68bhp and enough torque to get you moving swiftly. It also has the choice of a 5 speed manual or a 5 speed 2 tronic gear box.
Peugeot 107 Key Specifications:
Prices Range:
£7,290 - £8,640
Fuel Consumption (mpg):
* 61.4
Emissions CO2 (g/km):
* 109
NCAP Safety Rating:
4 out of 5
* May vary with model/engine type.
Peugeot 107
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Great in the town, not on the open road.
The 107 is great for nipping down to the bank, dropping the kids of at school etc etc but its not so great for motorway driving. Ok it can happily sit there doing 70 in the middle lane but I wish Peugeot would offer some more power with this car. Come on Peugeot give us more than a 1.0 litre!
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Carol and her Custard Cream


I love this little car!
I purchased this car on the back of my old but very reliable106. So convinced was I that I would love it, I purchased it having never sat in, nor test driven a 107. I was not disappointed.

In town, it is nippy and the wheels placed directly above all four corners make this feel as though it is on rails! It hugs the road and its handling is excellent in my opinion. On the open road it is a little slower to get up to speed (but it is only a 1 litre!) but once there will chug along for hours at 70, the legal limit after all.

The seating position is great. I suffer with back problems and the upright seating allows me to stay supported, or lean backwards if I wish. The steering column alters in height to ensure you really are comfy when driving. I love the way the centre console lights up at night giving a high level of ease of use. I love the silly little ‘road runner’ sounding horn and the cheeky grin that makes you smile. I love the choice of bright vibrant colours as well as the more subdued colours for those a little more reserved. (Mine is yellow!) I love this little car!

However, I was fortunate enough to be scraping my 106 and so qualified for £2000 relief. Just as well I did. I threw the difference at all the extras I could, paying the same as I originally intended to. Stuff like side air bags, reversing warning, ESP etc. BUT included as extras also came stuff I would have expected to be in with the price. I.e. Mud flaps, Glove box lid, MP3 player outlet etc. This led me to conclude that the basic model is indeed basic and you should be prepared to read the small print to ensure you are getting everything you wanted.